Saturday, November 29, 2008

hello again

So...briefly...I'm back stateside...back in school...back to knitting off and on...and back to not being able to get pictures to work to my satisfaction.

In approximately four days I'll be doing a knitting show as my final in my broadcast performance class. I'm presenting a tutorial on slipped stitch edges mostly because I'm too terrible at reading off a teleprompter to do a newscast as my final. So I've been knitting like a madwoman to get my sample scarves done in time. I finished the last one yesterday, but because I have a hard time just dropping off the knitting when I'm no longer under deadline, I've casted on a pair of Urban Rustic Gloves. I've already finished one, but the second one is going a little slowly. This in addition to the Regina Scarf that I started in Germany and am only half done with and the sadly abandoned Hadia KAL that never made it past the fourth installment. Oh and the circular shawl and the crocheted afghan and and and and and.....

Needless to say I have a severe case of project ADD.

Coming next time: pictures...I promise!!!
my first socks...the first installment