Friday, April 29, 2011

Stress Level - 7 Projects

my sister pointed out to me today that she can accurately gauge my stress level by how many knitting projects i feel i MUST carry with me at all times.  one is normal.  two is also ok (got to have back-up knitting in case you finish or irreparably maim the primary knitting).  three is pushing it, but maybe if one of them is a sweater that won't fit in your purse then it's ok.

i counted today.  i have seven.  this is not stopping me from wanting to cast on everything i see on ravelry.

in my purse:

  1. headgear for my father (finished today as said sister and i had this converstion)
  2. pretty toes pedicure sock #2 (barely started)
  3. david's misbehaving straight up socks which are naught be three balls of wrinkly yarn at the moment (they got frogged in a huff of unfittingness...)
in my backpack:
  1. february lady sweater (almost done with the body)
  2. reknit of one girls' night out (the cat ate it...just cast on the cuff today)
  3. yarn and needles for monkey socks
  4. yarn and needles for the second vega$ sock, which i never did start...
thus far i have resisted casting on a baby sweater, a shawl, another pair of socks (or three), several different kinds of mittens, and a pair of baby booties (although i do need to make some)

i can't wait until my thesis is done and my brain is back to normal-ish