Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Knitting

Well, I have once again proved that I shall never be anything other than a ridiculously bad blogger...

And true to form I have no pictures...

But I have been knitting A LOT!!

Things off my needles since the last post:

3 more 198-yardses
a pair of around the bend socks (from the incredible think outside the sox book!)
the after hours shawl from knitters' brewing (and it's GORGEOUS!)
the other fiber trends slipper (and they're felted, and I'm wearing them right now)
a second fiber trends huggable hedgehog
a fiber trends felted squirrel (adorable!)
a whole whack of dishcloths and potholders
a felted fish shaped cat toy

Things that need to be knitted for christmas:

another pair of fiber trends slippers
a hermione hat (casted on, but I HATE the yarn)

and the most embarrassing...the list of WIPs (this is including everything I can think of that I've started...the ones with stars are things that I'm actively carrying around working on):

KBC drinking gloves
after hours shawl number two
baby bib*
hadia scarf
sheldon the turtle
fancy fishnets
vega$ sock the second
breast cancer awareness socks (pair 2)*
cookie a's lindsey socks
square cake purse
beaded scarf
modified queen of hearts socks*
mittens to be felted
pecan pie hat

aannndddd....the most active project of them all:

Stephanie van der Linden's advent calendar socks, Gaudete!!! (these are my christmas present to myself)

I want to start the new KBC KALs (there are two, soon to be three), but I'd like to get the kits, and I don't want to spend the money right now...hopefully soon :)