Monday, May 18, 2009

the first sock...the final chapter

so you may or may not remember that this ridiculously large sock was intended for a high school friend of mine. i finished it in time for i decided to hang it in her locker full of hershey's kisses. at first she didn't recognize it as either a sock or a stocking (that speaks volumes about the general sock-y-ness of it)...but after a bit of explanation she was properly impressed/amused. she then proceeded to wear it on her head as a hat for the rest of the season. i got many other requests for sock hats, but did not make any took too long to make a sock that wouldn't even go on a foot! i didn't try socks again for three or four years...but that's another story altogether.

the jaywalker is still in progress...pre-heel turn but getting close. the next clue on the mystery sock comes out on wednesday, so that'll be good. and in the process of moving i stumbled across a half finished sweater that i may or may not the color, not the pattern.

pictures of more socks in the next post!

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