Monday, February 8, 2010

Planning for the Olympics

I'll be participating in the Ravelympics this year with the marvy Knitters' Brewing Co. team! My plan is to knit the drinking gloves in the sixteen days between the opening and closing ceremonies. Because this is right during midterms, this plan might be a tad bit foolish. I calculated the number of stitches and determined that I should be doing about 1200 a day to keep up. However, that's counting all colorwork stitches twice since this will be my first time using three yarns at once instead of just two. I anticipate difficulties ;)

Wedding shawl is at 22/28 repeats done...when I'm through what the pattern thinks is the main part I'm going to slip it onto some waste yarn, stretch it out, and see if there's any way it could be large enough. If not, there's someone on Ravelry who seems to have made some alterations, so maybe I'll message her and see if she has any words of wisdom. It shouldn't be too hard, but any way to avoid catastrophe would be just great.

So that brings my WIPs down to: wedding shawl, sock yarn shawl (on hold until wedding shawl is done), leafy socks, lindsey socks (but I might frog them...they're not very far along, and I'm not crazy about them yet), and a tussie mussie in a delicious purple. Plus the gloves for the Olympics.

That's a normal amount, right?

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