Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lambikins had a Sale!

Lambikins Hideaway is my favorite LYS in the area.  They had a "spring cleaning sale" over the weekend where everything was at least 25% off!  Needless to say, I had a bit of an accident.  I got six skeins of this fabulous rusty orange bulky alpaca for $30, and I've already decided to make myself a lovely shawl/cape thing (as soon as the wedding shawl is done!).  (Ravelry link to the fabulous shawl/cape)  I got some worsted weight Malabrigo to match the laceweight I'm making the wedding shawl out of, and I'm planning to make a purse for my sister to carry at the wedding.  If there's enough left over, I may make one for me too!  I got some Cascade 220 (because you can never have enough of that!) and some linen string that I'm going to make another shopping bag out of and some Regia sockyarn and some blocking wires (because I really am getting close-ish on the wedding shawl!).  And apparently I have not outgrown run-on sentences :)

I knitted a lot on the wedding shawl this weekend while watching movies for my film class and while at a rockband party (I don't like to play, so I watch and keep myself occupied).  I also got David's huggable hedgehog out of hibernation (it was bad, so it got put into time-out and forgotten about), and now the knitting is only about nine rows away from done!  Then he'll still need felted and finished and stuffed and whatnot, but at least the endless short rows will be done.  Don't get me wrong, this is a brilliant pattern that produces the cutest hedgies in the world, but working all those short rows on their backs without really knowing if you made a mistake until you're practically done, torture.   I seriously need to sit in a room alone with the door closed when I'm working on them because the counting is intense, and David does not understand how not to distract me. parting, I will leave you with a picture of the wedding shawl-in-progress.  It needs one more set of leaves and the's hoping that a twelve row border won't be too painful.'ll look nicer when it's a) blocked and b) doesn't have two cats trying to eat it while I take a picture.

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