Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Beginnings

As much as I've been enjoying having empty needles (and all the possibilities that go along with empty needles!), I couldn't stop myself from casting on a new project.  I've been trying to work exclusively on the wedding shawl, but when I woke up to find that the kittens had a) fished both knitting projects out of my purse (yes, I carry a back up for when the shawl gets to me) and b) artfully decorated the living room with tangled, laceweight yarn, I decided that enough was enough and that I needed new socks on the needles to ease the pain.

May I present the lovely, scrap-busting "Spring Fling" socks courtesy of Sockamania!

I'm about an inch and a half past the mark for the heel (it's an afterthought heel, so I'll unravel some stitches and make the heel last).  It's also the first sock I'm doing entirely magic loop.  I tend to mix and match techniques as the whimsy hits me, so most socks are started magic loop then two circulared (is that even a word?) most of the rest of the way to the toe where I prefer is inconvenient to carry all those tools...but I like the results :)

The yarn is of course from Knitters' Brewing.  It's scraps of lemon drop and blue hawaiian from the butterfly socks and the leaf garden socks respectively.  I like the combination; it's very loud!

In utterly non-knitting news, I managed to make a not only edible, but actually tasty dinner in about 20 mins tonight!  That is unheard of.  I'm terrible in the kitchen, and things always take me ages longer than they should.  We had cajun pork chops and pan toasted bread.  I would have liked a vegetable, but I couldn't think of anything and had my hands full enough as it was.  Oh can only get better :)

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