Tuesday, June 29, 2010


and the living is easy :)

I've been knitting up a storm the past few weeks!  Unfortunately I haven't been taking pictures, so that will have to wait.  I finished the pink ribbon socks with knitters' brewing, and they're fabulous!

Unfortunately this is quite possibly their least flattering angle.  I plan to do two more pairs before I'm done...one more pink and one silver.

I also finished the orange alpaca shawl and it's WONDERFUL...I can't wait for it to be cooler so I can wear it more often.

I spun up some lovely grey stuff for my mommy

I purposefully made one ply super thick and the other one super thin so it would have a lot of texture.  It's still not as even as I'd like, but I'm making progress.  I've already spun up another bobbin full, so maybe I'll have some more new yarn to show off soon :)

And I started a pair of Hidden Lace socks for the Six Sox KAL.  The legs are almost done, but I don't have a photo :(  They're working up pretty fast.  I'm hoping to have them done before the wedding.

And in preparation for the wedding I'm folding a million (numbers are approximate) origami lilies for bouquets and corsages.  I've been doing origami since I was very little, and I thought it'd be nice to have a bouquet that would last.  I'll have pictures of those for next time too...they're pretty :)

Lastly but definitely not leastly, there's been an addition to our family :)  Meet Gretchen!

She's an absolute sweetheart, and she's very much a mama's girl...she follows me everywhere :)  The cats are adjusting nicely, too.

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