Tuesday, June 1, 2010

image overload!

So last time I talked about the square cake purse.  It's still on the needles.  I got halfway through a handle and decided that the design was too brain intensive for the end of the quarter (one week of classes, one week of finals...eek!) so I started something new.

May I present the lovely Alpaca Shoulder Shawl!  (magazine for scale)

it's made of misti alpaca something super bulky (don't have a label handy) in the most fabulous fall orange.  The whole thing is two giant rectangles of moss stitch (easy on the brain), and it'll be ridiculously warm and lovely when it's done.  I got the alpaca on massive sale during the lambikin's incident.  I love it.  I want it to be not-summer so I can wear it ALL THE TIME.

For your visual enjoyment, here's a picture of the partial square cake.  It'll get finished up as soon as exams are over.

Yes, I did pose it on the orange alpaca...I think it makes everything in its vicinity lovelier :)

And this is unfortunately what my second vegas sock still looks like:

I'm carrying it in my purse everywhere as if I'll magically whip it out (without directions) and cast it on in a rare moment of mental clarity.  Oh well...it'll get done one of these days...

As may already be painfully obvious, I'm a grad student (in German Studies, to be precise), and we had a bake sale not long ago.  This is what happens when you leave your phone with other grad students who really really do not want to pretend to care about cupcakes anymore:

As if this post weren't rambling enough, check out this super cute little dude who was sitting outside one of the buildings on campus!  Adorable!

Enough pictures yet?  After the quarter ends I plan to start blogging with a vengeance, so look out world!

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